iPhone Real “Fake Miniature” pictures optically


Nowadays, “Fake Miniature picture” is popularized by iPhone digital filter App. But the original Fake Miniature expression was made by optically, “Tilt-Shift” Lens. The lens is often used perspective and focus control to avoid defocus in product pictures. But for the Miniature picture, the lens is used for adding defocus effectively. I have tried to attach old SLR lens on iPhone to use narrow focus expression as SLR camera. And this time, I tried to attach Tilt-Shift Lens to see Real Optical Miniature picture in iPhone. The result may not good. The resolution was not enough, and you saw fringe patterns in the pictures. You should choose digital effect first, […]

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Straighten Tokyo Tower


Tokyo tower had been the highest tower in Japan for over fifty years. It’s not tallest now, but it still be attracted as one of the Tokyo’s landmark. Last year, the top of the post had bended by Tohoku Earthquake. After the disaster, our daily life is backed as the recovery progresses. One year later from the disaster, Tokyo tower refurbishing was started from April, 2012. And at last, the post was replaced to straight one at the four months later, August. I hope that the peace will continue. When I took the pictures from Roppongi Hills building, a french couple also took Tokyo tower pictures from the same location. […]

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Tokyo Skytree tower night view


Tokyo Skytree is a new broadcasting and observation tower. It’s the second tallest structure (634 m / 2,080 ft) in the world after Burj Khalifa (829.84 m), and the observation deck (450 m) is the highest place in Tokyo, than Tokyo Tower’s (223.55 m) and Roppongi Hills building’s rooftop deck (238 m). Tokyo Skytree is just opened as of 22 May. It’s very hard to take the reservation for the observation deck ticket. But my friend gave me it. Thanks a lot. I went to there at yesterday night, and took the beautiful night view pictures. Enjoy! You see Sumida River, Tokyo tower, Tokyo Station area and Imperial Palace. Asakusa […]

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Take 3D pict with Nintendo 3DS

Today, Nintendo 3DS was released in Japan. The game console was closely packed by a lot of the 3D and communicative ideas. 3DS have a 3D Display with stereo camera. You can take 3D pictures and see on the display. Now, I converted the picture data ( 3D MPO format ) to stereogram movie. The camera’s basic performance is not good. It may not be able to memorize good image data with enough resolution and exposure. But The 3D pictures will be amplify the user’s communication, and they will be memorized the special experiences with their Friend and Family. It’s just for fun :-)

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H-IIB and the Toasted Launch Pad

January 22, 2011, H-IIB rocket and H-II Transfer Vehicle(HTV) was launched from Tanegashima Space Center. H-IIB is in 10 largest rockets and it’s capable to carry the HTV to the international space station( ISS ). 300 kg of water, food, crew commodities,science experiment materials, fluorescent light, LED and such as the component was packed into the HTV in this mission. HTV was given the nickname Kouno-tori( White Stork ). HTV will be continue to carry science and space materials carefully as a new born baby, after the space shuttle years. I went to see the launch and took the movie. you see not only the launch but the burned Launch […]

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360 degrees Tokyo Illuminations (2010-2011)

When viewer watch a picture, they doesn’t only see in the picture but over the frame. The clipped picture is spread over the viewer’s mind by their imagination. But there is a person who cannot believe such as the viewer’s imagination. He just hope to capture 360 degrees whole around picture in our sight, without clipping. That’s me :-) Few years ago, I tried to take 360 degrees pictures and compiled to a movie. There was no spherical fish-eye lens for APS-sized sensor DSLR at the time, and I used wide lens with fish-eye converter. But it had not enough resolution. Today, I can use spherical fish-eye lens dedicated DSLR, […]

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sakura DSLR movie

In this spring, I got new DSLR camera allow video capture, at last. it’s available Manual video capturing in inexpensive price range. In the season, you see beautiful Sakura in Japan. and I tried some capturing test. #1 Dark Place In DSLR movie, available in dark place. But not too sure. I see some noises in the movie. And I need to care not to jiggle my hand in such as the macro movie. #2 Take movie on motor bike I rode my Ducati bike for the movie capturing. But Ducati is worst bike for that. The heavy vibration is characteristics of the feeling while riding :-) I want to […]

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change your vaio p

VAIO P is very small size PC, but it’s good for my daily usage. The screen resolution is incredible high density, I can’t see each dot. And the horizontal resolution is higher than my MacBook Pro. The aspect ratio is very unique, I couldn’t find good Wallpaper for it yet. But now, I’m ready to change your VAIO P. The pictures is suited for VAIO P desktop resolution, 1600 x 768. enjoy!

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