masaki higuchi

Having a background in Platform System UI design, 3D CGI design and Software Engineering.

I started my career at Video Game industry as a 3DCG Designer, when I was University Student. After earning Master degree, I joined Sony and SCE as a Software Engineer. I involved in the industry for 15 years or longer.


360-degree movie Street View + Geotagging Social Networking

I'm taking 360-degree movies at the famous streets in Tokyo. The 360 movie is displayed at top of vacaily site. Our users can put their comment on the street movies and the comment thread. We can share our comments and tips about the favourite streets and places.

I like going for a walk. With my friend, with my dog and I don't dislike to walk alone. When I'm walking, I got some informations about the town, from chatting with my friend, talking with a shop staff and watching a sign board. The more I know the town, the more I like the town. I want to make the offline-like experience on the net, using Immersive 360-degree movie and Social Networking.

This is my current private project.
I designed UI, and developed Server software, 360-degree Movie Format, 360 Movie Player for Web Browser, Camera mount and Anti-shake Rig.


In vacaily web page, 360-degree walking movie is displayed at top of the page. Our users can put their comments on the street movie. The comment is threaded under it. When user click the comment in the thread, related 360 movie will start immediately.
This SNS was designed for closer relationship between 360 degree content and SNS communication. It’s realised walking and chatting experience.

This server is implemented by javascript, PHP, CSS, WordPress and BuddyPress.

See the 360-degree movie Site
360-degree camera mount and Anti-shake Rig

I use GoPro Camera x 4 on my designed Rig and Mount.
The Rig is using brush-less motor for anti-shake function. I’m using Simple BGC circuit board and firmware for the control.

Capturing 360-degree movie in Tokyo

As I walked I’m capturing movie using my camera and rig. I keep my camera by hand for immersive walking experience.

Sony Computer Entertainment ( SCE )

I supported PlayStation System Software for 9 years, and researched about next web-browser app platform.
In video game platform, once we released it, we required to use the same hardware design for a decade. For example, first PlayStation 3 hardware architecture was designed until 2006, and we required to implement modern software functions on less memory, CPU-power and threads.
I minded about future things, and I got creative with limited system resources for the long-time sustainable update.

UI Design / Specification Management

Managed the specification of PlayStation System Software and the updater. Reviewed update specifications by each updater release, with engineers, planners and chiefs.
Designed the PlayStation System UI structures and layouts.


Proposed original research plan of HTML 5 application platform. Implemented the experimental web socket server by my self, to prove the possibility. I used javascript, Node.js and

Sony & SCE

360-degree video content R&D

USC interactive cinema project
USC Interactive Panoramic Cinema
GS Cube
PS2 Linux Boot Loader


3D CG Design

Worked for PlayStation video game, “Xenogears” and “Final Fantasy VIII”. Designed 3DCG for advertisement, movie, realtime visual effect and game background image.


Furniture Design

I exhibited Original design chair at Tokyo Designer Week event, as a professional furniture designer.
This chair was transformable from single chair to multi-seat chair. The transform experience made relations between the users.
The furniture design was reflected my UI design experience.


This chairs was covered by some Japanese magazines and medias.

Japan Design Net ( Japanese )


Every year, I have been exhibiting original gadgets at O’Reilly Maker Faire Tokyo ( Make: Tokyo meeting ). My handworks was covered by some blog medias.

Ballon Screen
Connect littleBits to MIDI
DSLR Camera Lens on iPhone
Telescope on iPhone
Optical Fake Miniature Lens