August 17, 2007


I got the Transformable Ball, latest Hoberman designed toy.

Hoberman Designs was formed by Chuck Hoberman at 1995.

And he made his name as Toy Designer by Very Expandable Sphere.

The Sphere’s function is expanding from 9″ to 30″ in diameter, that’s all.

But everyone’s attention was engaged by the instructions

and the geometry.

Originally, He is a famous Architect.

He made some of the Transformable Dome Architectures.

The link is for Iris Dome at The Museum of Modern Art,

at New York.

They are trying to find new possibilities for product function

by their transformation.

That’s Idea is similar to my chair.

I used furniture transformation to pull out the user’s communication :-)


By the way, I watched Transformers movie.

I enjoyed the Transformation. But I regretted a little.

Such as Transformable Robotics Expression was from Japanese Animation.

But Hollywood peoples could invest to such as The No story Guy’s Movie,

and they made every effort enough.

Japanese Cinema never did it.

I surprised The cinema’s hero was not a strong,

and the Machine helped the weak hero.

It’s not in coventional Hollywood method scripting,

but in Japanese typical Robotics story. and they succeeded.

They must have researched American and Japanese Robotics Stories.