December 9, 2005

AKAI bankruptcy !

the article was appeared at Kanagawa local newspaper

that Akai professional M.I. was bankrupted.

Akai was famoused about wind instruments looks synthesizer,

sampler (you can synthesize your recorded voice and sound),

and specialy drum machine “MPC”.

When you use to make your music track, not only you can map sample sound so diverse way on 16 small tap pad and make your phrase with directry tapping by your finger, but the machine have distinctive rhythm when you play your music sequence.

A lot of music track maker ( techno, hiphop, house…etc ) love the machine and custom it.

I don’t know they can continue to make their lovery machines,

(but that’s may hard way cos holding company NUMARK, famous DJ equipment company, looks so resigned)

but I hope they keep to make it, and I want to get their machine soon :-)

AKAI professional M.I.

” for customers : now our website is stopped for a maintenance. sorry “

radiumsoftware: MPC2500( explanation about MPC in JAPANESE )

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