May 8, 2007

Super GT and The Race Queen

Last Friday, I went to Fuji Speedway Circuit to watch the Super GT championship.

Fiji Speedway is the site for this year’s F1 Granprix in Japan.

( Moved from Suzuka by TOYOTA’s Power ;-)

And nearest big circuit from Tokyo.

Super GT is production car race.

Most of the parts was replaced and original parts may only cavin’s frame,

but they keep the design as well known production car’s shape.

In the 500 hourses powered upper class, not only privateer teams but works team,

Honda, Nissan and Toyota invest for it.

On the other the 300 houses powered lower class,

to be much more varied types of cars entered from privateers,

not only japaneae car but Ferrari 430, Lamborghini Murcielago, Gallardo,

Porsche 911GT3RS , Ford GT and more.

In the past, the championship was umpopular.

But they tryed to change the rules and events to

make more excitable race event.

That’s one of their service for their fans.

They took a lisk you could enter the grid just starting the race.

Lots of the spectators inside the course. ( need the paddock pass. )

All over the grids.

And they took the machines and grid girls ( called Race Queen ) pictures.

Don’t you hurry guys, sure I took Naughty Grid Girls pictures too !

Let’s seeeee!

They were too sexy, I couldn’t close up them any more :-)

Last picture is the opening race, Nissan March Cup.

Nissan March is called Micra in other countries.

The design is very cute and show us The New Nissan Ways.

In the race, the equal condition make too excite and troubled,

but I could enjoy it.

Today’s compact car have a enought potential fto enjoy a circuit.

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