October 28, 2006

Factory Lesson.

One month ago, I tried to find out a factory

to order my designed chair (again).

and at last, Only one factory accepted.

Their name is TOKYUSHU GIKEN at Saitama near Tokyo.

I haven’t known that realize my chair was possible or not.

For example, normaly simple pipe chair only have 6 or 8 curves,

but my chair have 408 small curves in one chair.

But they answered me possibile to build it

and noticed some problems.

I tried to solve the problems, drafted the design again

and printed out it by real size

to “A0” size big paper for them ( at Kinko’s ).

Basically it is very simple the workings of

a pipe bending machine, similarly.

But may be engineer’s skill, experience and motivation

make the difference what they can or not.

TOKUSHU GIKEN have experiences triumphed over some hard works

to bend complex Exhaust for F1 machine, Liquid propellant Rocket Engine…etc

And now, they give me their art for the chair.

My plan gone with Their bending works!

Well, Next week the chair show up at


Tokyo Designer’s Week 2006

Professional Exhibition

11/1/2006(wed) to 5(sun)

10:00 – 19:00

Akasaka Arkhills building


Check it out !!!

Tokyo Designer’s Week 2006