October 10, 2006

Next Issue.

I should inform I passed a review to exhibit my chair

at Tokyo Designers Week’06 Pro Exhibition.

Designer’s Association sended me the result before the deadline to

pay the Without Predictable Entory fee for the examination.

Thank if you minded about my trouble with Designer’s Association’s Issue.

OK, I paid $250 (30,000, yen) for an participation fee to exhibition.

But they demand not only the entory fee but to become their member

fee was never wrote any of their Documentation. I paid more $250 ! :-(

Well, $500 is not so expencive for such as Exhibition.

But I think they should present all of the cost and the risk in advance,

and never change the rule after announced it.

Now, I should find out an factory to make my chair.

That’s my next issue :-)

I have been hearing to some factory by e-mail, but most factory

didn’t give me the return. Only 3 factory gave me the return, but 2

factory had a hard limitation to make my chair and continueing to

talk with only one factory now. (To be continued… )



しかーし。完全にすっきりはせーん! いまいちなっとくはできーん!

でも今はまず職人さがーす。( 去年も同じ事言ってたような… )