October 19, 2015

Boat tour 360° movie, from Haneda Airport to Akihabara


Recently, I went on a boat to capture a 360-degree movie.

The boat was a trial of the ship transportation from Haneda Airport
to Akihabara.
The trial was finished. But in future, the water transportation may
become a popular way in Tokyo.

I could see the Tokyo Seaside, from near the surface of rivers.
We passed through many kind of bridges, and I watched many boats was
anchored in a bay, many of town, people…

I have been in Tokyo for thirty years or more, but I have never seen
the sight of view. It was extraordinary experiences for me.

8 months ago, YouTube supported 360-degree videos. After that,
Facebook supported the movie format. So, I uploaded my 360-degree movie,
and compared them.



I uploaded the same 4K 360-degree movie to the both sights.
FaceBook converted the 4K to HD, but YouTube was available to play
4K movie.

FaceBook’s embed movie is auto-starting, and the first auto animation
provide user’s active control.
FaceBook’s HD resolution is enough for small window.
But YouTube’s 4K resolution is good for the immersive expression.

Their different policy of implementation is so interesting.