August 18, 2013

iPhone Real “Fake Miniature” pictures optically


Nowadays, “Fake Miniature picture” is popularized by iPhone digital filter App.
But the original Fake Miniature expression was made by optically, “Tilt-Shift” Lens.
The lens is often used perspective and focus control to avoid defocus in product pictures.
But for the Miniature picture, the lens is used for adding defocus effectively.
I have tried to attach old SLR lens on iPhone to use narrow focus expression as SLR camera.
And this time, I tried to attach Tilt-Shift Lens to see Real Optical Miniature picture in iPhone.

The result may not good.
The resolution was not enough, and you saw fringe patterns in the pictures.
You should choose digital effect first, to make the Fake Miniature pictures in iPhone.
But, I succeeded to make the impressive miniature pictures.
And I enjoyed to use decades-old Tilt-Sift Adapter and lens for such as the new expression ;-)