August 18, 2010

Fly me to the moon on iPhone 4

I have thought that star watching looks so hard works.
It’s required to carry a heavy expensive telescope and
difficult equipments, go on sleepy midnight ways to country side,
and peer over a Planisphere for hours and hours.
But I didn’t know that we could do star watching at anyplace,
even if we were in downtown area.
And today, there is good Planisphere Apps for iPhone and iPad
to find stars easily.
Finally, I got a small telescope and put iPhone on it
to take star’s pictures.
I used Borg’s Pencil Borg(175mm f/7) telescope and Vixen’s LV5mm eyepiece.
In the case, 35x telescopic image was shown by the system.
I tried to see the moon to test it.
In general, Such as the high power but small telescope projects darker image.
But iPhone 4’s back illuminated sensor is proof a dark picture in such as the darker environment.
And I arrived at the beautiful moon!
I used sharpness filter for the image, but it contain enough resolution
to see the moon’s cratered details.
Tomytec – Borg: Pencil Borg 25