April 7, 2009

Design for Wedding

Last month,My friend gave me a chance to make a sign board for their Wedding Reception.
In those cases, It’s often used Calligraphy hand writting
or such as the hand made art.
I thought the couple (especially, the groom) had
a well balanced life. And they’ll grow up with a lot of the trying.
I used algorithmic generated CG by “Structure Synth” software
to express them.
It’s preset data “tree”.

Some of the pattern,

and layouted.
Signboard at the Gate

For the entrance,
I putted the wings into acrylic resin box with a lot of the feather.
In my story, the lovely wings was formed by the feathers :-)

Next time, I want to make a funiture with such as the algorithmic generated design.
Structure Synth