January 1, 2009

movie with lensbaby

I got new “Lensbaby” SLR Camera lens.
Lensbaby’s features is here.
– the center is forcused, and peripheral part is off-forcused.
– tilt the lens, and you can choose forcused point in your image.
That’s used for toy-camera effect image,
miniature faking effect and more unique expression.
The lens is for SLR Camera. But I put it on my Camcorder.
New model “Lensbaby composer”, is easier the tilt control than previous product.
And that’s controlable when recording a movie.
I made some test movies.
And that’s just a test.
juri-san test

buildings test

all the tests

I should be careful not to jiggle my hand, and keep clean the lens and screen enough :-)
Lensbaby movie gallery