December 15, 2008

gadget music live

Last sunday, I was on the stage at music event to
played DS-10,SU-10 scratchable small sampler and Electroplankton.
The event was “OTODUST 2”, for mobile musical gadget and the music.
The performer played DS-10, TENORI-ON, or such as small electric musical instruments.
Many people showed many precious instruments, Yamaha Miburi, Uda,
Gakken Theremin Premium, HP Speak & Spell, Stylophone…etc.
Not only consumer productive instruments, but own making one.
The movie is the event’s digest. Let’s see. ( Uploaded by ‘NEMO-san. Thank you! )

I haven’t play music in public since I was in high school( ! ),
but the other genius performers helped me, and I could enjoy it
with applause ( with no booing :-) from the nice audience.
Thank you!
Uda( musical instrument. not Udder. Japanese )
Miburi ( Japanese )
Miburi ( Google )
Noriko ( the band used such as instruments. Japanese )
Electroplankton (Google)
OTODUST( Japanese )
TENORI-OFF ( poorman’s TENORI-ON, But the inventor said the materials was not cheap… )