June 3, 2008

soon was started.

My next exhibiting is in Filo di Seta MILANO brand shop at Kotto-street, Aoyama.
The exhibition “SOON@Lexington Aoyama ” is produced by Sachio Hihara.
It will be continued to January 2009, for 6 months.
The exhibition is separated in 6 parts
and change the exhibitor at each part.
I’m participating the first part started at last week end.
Now I’m showing two chairs, share chair 05 (the first chair) and 06 (large chair).
The party will be at 17 June. Come on!
SOON@Lexington Aoyama Part 1
SOON@Lexington Aoyama Part 1
It’s been a pleasure to join with such as famous genius designers:-)
Kenichiro Oomori
Isamu Tokizono
Atsushi Nogimura
Sachio Hihara
Filo di Seta

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