May 19, 2008

My first GEISAI.

Last sunday, I took a exhibition space at GEISAI MUSEUM2.
GEISAI is Japanese Art event produced by Takashi Murakami, Contemporary artist.
It was expected to attract about 10 thousand visitors.
The Event have no audition for the exhibiting.
Any you can join the event, even pay the booth charge.
The feature make it as a asian chaotic atmosphere, not looks like a gallery.
My exhibits was here,
Balloon Screen :
Projected Video image to the inside of the layerd Balloon, by LED Light Video Projector
share chair 07 :
That’s same chair at last year’s Tokyo Designer’s week.
But last sunday, I focused to the Video Screen function
to be felt the experience to sit down at the video image.
Generated Video image at then and there by LEGO brick and small camera.

That was the first time to exhibit such as media oriented works for me.
And the system was not working well. I lost the exhibiting time for the maintenance.
But I could enjoy.
BTW, One of the Event’s feature was The audition.
They place exhibitors in the orders by their judgements, and show us our each ranks.
My lank is 240/600. Not bad, but not good…