March 3, 2008

The music is mightier than the sword.

Last week, I went to see The Sampler Battle Event at Nakano, Tokyo.
A musical battle event is popular at Dj or Hip hop rap event. But I never heard
about such as realtime track making battle using sampler machine.
That’s may the first Realtime Sampler Battle in Japan ! ( in the world? ).

The rule is here.
1: Player can use any musical equipment. but you should put it in 120×45cm size table.
2: Player can use a prepared sound in your stock only one shot sound(ex. bass drum)
3: 3 players in each session.
4: In one set the session, 1st, free druming in 5 min at a time.
5: Next, DJ play time for 30 min. Player can sampring the sound and the phrase freely.
6: After that, play by turns. 5 min for each player.

I surprised that most of the player used AKAI MPC sampler with realtime PAD drumming,
and KORG KAOSS PAD Effector.
Such as equipment was often used at Hip hop truck making, and DJ Playing.
But the event may make a new category in a music.
BTW, a judge is “Hifana” at the battle.
I want to show you the Hifana performance instead of the sampler battle event.
Let’s see.

wikipedia : Sampler
This event’s flyer( Japanese )