February 3, 2008


Last month, MIT Professor Michael Resnick came to Japan.

He is the researcher at the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT.

He developed legendary educational equipment to make the

creative spiral process of

imagine-create-play-share-reflect and return to imagine spiral.

and at last, created Lego Mindstorms Robotics system.

But I think, the Creative spiral is generated

to play original LEGO brick too.

In other words his LEGO system just expand it.

Last week – January 28, 2008 was

50th anniversary of the LEGO brick.

and google logo was laid LEGO!


Michael Resnick interview ( Japanese )


Cricket ( robotical educational toy system with handicraft on a Cute Design! )


Scratch ( Objective Visual Programming Language for children )


Lifelong kindergarten