June 19, 2007

Natural keyboard UnNatural

TRON Project is not only for OS deveropment

but thinking between User and Information tech.

wikipedia: TRON Project


Original “TK1” TRON-specification keyboard was developed at 1991,

focused finger moving and key imput usage.

But TK1 is serial keyboard and you can use only special Japanese OS,

Cho-Kanji ( 超漢字 ) OS Today.

SKELETRON ST-2000 keyboard was repricated TK1. It was planned by TANOMI.COM website.

TANOMI.COM is one of the ” Collective Customer Commitment ” commerce .

Gather the applicant, and help their Group purchase.

SKELETRON is similar to TK1. But the colour is skeleton, no touch pad,

and PS/2 connective.

Today, you can use it at Windows and Mac OSX with USB-PS/2 adapter !

I got it at web auction. The radiate Dvorak keylayout was

optimized skeleton finger moving.

I tryed to accustom the layout.

But the key switch is cheap and the feeling is bad.

We should mind the principal 1st.