January 4, 2007

Velfarre last salsa

Velfarre Roppongi,

one of the biggest Club space in Tokyo,

was closed at last year end.

Roppoingi is a Large Night Town area in Tokyo.

After WWII, there was a big U.S. ARMY Base ( and their is small one yet.)

and been built a lot of the country’s embassy in this area.

Today, foreigners and Japanese come to Roppongi in night time

to enjoy the night life yet, but not only night time.

In day time, they are coming to Roppongi redevelopment area.

In Roppongi, large business area was opened.

and next, new one and new national museum will open in this year.

Roppongi is changing.

I don’t know why Velfarre was gone to close.

It may be simply business problem. the operation didn’t looks well.

Or, I hard the area is next redevelopment area,

but it’ll not start soon.

Anyway, Velfarre Closing looks one of the changing in Roppongi.

Last month, I went to the last salsa dance event at Velfarre.

The image was the hottest floor ever, dancing! ( yes, it’s not me :-)

and the best paformers in the night is them, hiro and taku, rolling!



hiro & taku ( link to japanese page )


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