September 8, 2008

SLR Camera makes new Cinema.

D90 is new middle class Digital SLR Camera from Nikon,
and it’s the first SLR to offer movie function.
Most people may not understand the availability.
Why record by Motion-JPEG? ( Can’t use MPEG-4? )
Manual Forcus only?
Not Full HD? / Why 24p?
Nikon did by halves?
Most advantage of the movie function on Digital SLR Camera is the large sensor.
The sensor size is same as 35mm professional film camera for a large studio.
We can use the cinema like expression include the ability to use
selective focus effects by depth of field, with cheap cost.
And think the functions for Digital Cinema,
Motion-JPEG: No GOP correlation. That’s good for editing.
Manual Forcus: OK, MF is trusty than AF. ( but we need close up focusing mode )
720/24p: 720 is enough for Digital Cinema, and 24p is just flame rate for Motion Pictures.
But there’s fatal problem we’d use Multi AE mode constantly
during we use the movie function.
Movie mode don’t reflect the choise of the mode dial,
Damn means we couldn’t adjust manually :-(
IRIS was fully opened dualing Movie mode.
OK, There is the way we can use IRIS on the Movie mode
when attach a manual rens for the camera. ( ex. Ai Nikkor 35mm F1.4S )
SLR Camera couldn’t control such as the rens.
But no way to control the shutter speed and gain, by manual.
The problem stop to use it for Digital Cinema.
Now, D90 movie function isn’t enough to use Digital Cinema,
but They opened The Door.
I hope more functions at the firmware upgrade.
…and I NEED the functions for EOS !
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