April 10, 2010

Structural 3DCG Animation

Fractal graphic evokes a fundamental beauty in a natural shapes.
Basically, simply repeated graphics make beautiful geometry.
Context Free is such as the 2D geometric shapes drawing software.
And in 3DCG, try “Structure Synth”.
In 3DCG Animation or 4D world,
Quartz composer is one of the best software, I think.
Quartz composer is development tool in Mac OSX User Interface Programming.
But it’s often used for Visual making tool for VJ’s.
It’s very easy to use. The functions is appear visualy in the window.
And patch each function box to make the graphic flows.
You can make interesting 2D/3D Animations only patch it.
If you want to make more complexity animation,
you can use javascript and OpenGL Shading Language(GLSL).
And the Quartz Composer tool is free for Mac OSX User!
If you have OSX Update Disc, Install the Development tools,
and search it in the “Developer” folder.
I made the demo and tutorial movies.

The below link is for a 4DCG animation by Quartz composer.
But I can’t understand enough for The 4D world.
The world is a wide place :)